Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Junk Journal/ Smash Book Page no-1

hi guys

So, i am really very excited to share with you today its something that i had been wanting to do for a real long time it is a junk journal/ smash book/ mini scrapbook/ art journal....

  • all my ideas
  • i will write in it
  • scrap in it
  • draw/paint in it
  • use all my leftover scraps n supplies
  • put in photos n journal-ling
  • my thoughts
  • etc etc etc
So, basically its a big mish-mash of everything and i am going to put everything and anything into it that doesn't have anywhere else to go...

So, here is the first page

absolutely love love love how this layout turned out. it has a little poem i had written as a kid and its a part of me....

"Why everything i always thought turned out to be untrue
as time passed by and life went on things changed the older I grew.."

You can also check the video of how i made this layout at

hope you guys like it enjoy... also hoping i can post regularly as i have started working  don't find time to scrap and craft as much as i hope i would :-((



  1. Hey Ash,

    its a very good idea to start a journal...i too write a journal every night, only mine isnt this cool looking...

    also thanks for the tutorial...

  2. I am a new follower and I am so glad you started this.I recently started art journaling too.Pretty exciting.Looking forward to more of this.Happy Journaling!

  3. Smashing idea :) and a nice page :)


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