Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mini Ribbon and Lace dress Embellishment- Tutorial Day-IV

Sorry i could not have this video up yesterday!! i was having serious internet isuues the server was down :(( ! !
So, here you go--
A couple of weeks ago i had posted a Wardrobe card on my blog, and many had asked me how i made the little dress and the bag also the wire hanger. In this tutorial i show you how i made the dress and the bag. the tutorial for the hanger will follow next:-


  1. 1" satin ribbon about 7 inches

  2. lace about 7 inches

  3. String ribbon 10"

  4. glue stick

  5. fabric glue

  6. cardstock

  7. rhinestones or pearls or buttons for embellishing

  8. foam tape

  9. score tape





  1. Hey Ashmita, All your video tutorials are awesome! I like your style of crafting. All projects u have done are beautiful. Thanks!

  2. aww!.. these are so cute!
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)


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