Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spiral Rosette Tutorial

I made some spiral roses and a hat-pin for my latest card that i am gonna be submitting for the latest ICR challenge. As for the current challenge you have to make your own embellishments as well as there is a photo inspiration also. So, i thought of making a video tutorial to show you guys what i did and how i did it no better way than this..

Here, is a photo to give u guys an idea:-

And here is the tutorial

I am also going to make the tutorial for the card so stay tuned because thats gonna be the next post.




  1. enjoyed going thru your posts dear all are very inspiring amazing talent you have.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial I had made a few using scalloped spirals and they turned out awesome.I love the way you are so organised.thanks again for inspiring and for sharing your awesome work

  3. awesome card ,n love the spiral flowers,thanks a tonns for sharing

  4. wow!.. beautiful card!.. LOVE the tutorial!.. thanks for sharing!.. the flowers are fab! :D


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