Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day-I :- Coffee Staining Technique and Antiquing paper

I have been asked to do this tutorial many times but due to time constraint i couldn't do so , now i am compiling all the tutorials that were requested.

This is a very popular method to achieve n antique or aged look for any type of paper you can do this to pattern paper, computer printing paper even card-stock your only limited by your imagination!!

So this is the final result!! Doesn't this look absolutely awesome?? So, watch the video to see how i made this:-


  1. 1 tbsp coffee

  2. 3 tbsp water

  3. a small bowl for mixing

  4. a paintbrush flat or round but should be more than no.8

  5. old newspaper or craft sheet to protect work surface

  6. Blow dryer

  7. Pattern paper, computer printing paper or card-stock

  8. a tea candle

  9. Nail buffer

  10. steel plate(large)

  11. baby wipe

For the method watch the video its pretty self explanatory:-

For, more tutorial kindly leave requests in the comments box also if u have any queries or questions.





  1. WOW!.. this looks soo beautiful!.. love the music notes paper too!
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  2. awesome paper...thanks a lot for the tutorial....

    i love the way u distress the paper edges so please do a tutorial.


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