Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tutorial Bird House Card Draft - I

OK!! So, finally i am doing a video tutorial!! I have been asked so many times for tutorials but i haven't found the opportunity to do them but i promise u guys i am going to drown u all in tutorials it will be a post a day !! lol !! atleast i will try.

So, this is the tutorial for my latest birdhouse card. I will be sending this one to my mum for Mother's Day. Its pretty self explanatory.. I apologize for the qulity of the video i promise the next one will be better. I am still trying to get to know of my camera.

This video shows how i made the fence and the bird house. The flower and the branches plus the leaves will follow soon. keep visiting and tell me what you think!!

hope you enjoy...




  1. I didn't realise I din't leave a comment!! This is so pretty! I love the version with the red flowers though!!! I love red and white!!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial!
    And now please tell where did you get the chipboard for your niece's album? I've been searching all luck!! only vacant stares from store owners!!

  2. lol... i did not use chipboard for the pages..i wil have to do a tutorial for how i made the album pages.. but he cover chipboard i ordered frm itsybitsy


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