Monday, March 7, 2011


Well u guys have seen very few scrapbooks from me in the past actually I started crafting by scrap-booking. It’s my first love!! So, ever since I saw my first mini scrapbook on someone's blog I was hooked... I jus love to make minis for every occasion I think they are perfect as they r portable and quick to make... A scrapbook mini is a perfect way to organize pictures from a particular event for example a Picnic , a party, a trip or some event like a child’s annual function or fancy dress od Birthday party. Here is one of my fav mini one I had the most fun making.

When i saw someone's mini for the first time i knew i was hooked. they are a super fun way to organize your pictures from a particular event. And they are so fast and easy to make you font get bored or quit halfway . And the best part bout them is they give a sense of accomplishment as you can be done quickly and have a lovely scrapbook to show for it. Its also makes a great present.

This one i made for my niece for her 2nd birthday!! It was sooo much fun and the entire mini is orange cos its her fav color. Since everything she wants these days has to be orange in color I thought y not!!! Here you are.....

I handmade the album and the pages , if I get a lot of request I will do a tutorial as to how I made it was fun and super quick.. As you can see i have a lot of photos in there. And i am not afraid to cut them up if i need them a certain way. So, dont be afraid and cut your photos up if u kno the end result is gonna be amazing.

P.S. it may a while to my next post as my entire house is being packed up and moved including my craft stuff (sniff sniff) . But i'll definitely try to squeeze in some crafting once in a while...


  1. Is there a part two of this video? it only is upto 3 mins! I love the album and yes, I would love love a tutorial..I'm dying to learn how to bind, find some good chipboard and make perfect mats for it!

  2. part two but i will post some pics for extra clarity.. i got a new camera recently so dnt kno how to use it well yet,, hence this video is not very clear... i will do a full tutorial video for the album ..promise

  3. Hey i jumped over from saprdha's blog and my u are so talented!! love to know ur hubby is a defense kid too. dad was in army n bro is currently serving. where are u now? :)



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