Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrapbook Mini for sis: Draft - I

My sis went on Trip to Singapore and Malaysia a couple of months ago and she brought back a whole lot of paraphernalia and junk; namely.. ticket stubs, coupons, maps, brochures and about hundreds of pics!! And she asked me to make an album for her . Well i graciously said yes.. but that was before i saw her collection of ahem!! junk!! lol!! But as always i am up for a challenge! i love to push myself.
So, among her junk i found this wonderful map of Singapore which is round and folds up like a "pie", this map gave me an instant light bulb moment. So i decided to cut up each "pie-piece" and turn them into an individual page and it will also retain its original round structure when laid out open.
Here is how i did it--
This was the basic map.. A lot of you have asked me how i do my inking so i am going to talk you guys through this one.. As you can see half of it has been inked yellow and the rest is the original colour the yellow is very light as its the first coat. Since, the map was very big i did it i half's. i thought it was best to ink the whole thing before i cut the pages up.

Here, you see one half is done , after two coats of yellow i go in wid the brown ink and you guys can see the difference !! It starts to look totally grungy already.... Here is my pp its one of the most gorgeous pp i have ever seen its got postcards and letters and postage stamps all across it !! here it is before i inked it:-

Here is the pp after i was done with it not, its a bit messy but doesn't take a lotta time and the result is superb !! although i do say so myself.. hahaha

So, after i was done with the map and the pp and after i had thoroughly dried them both with my blow drier!! I cut up the piece of the map into the "pie pieces" a total of eight pieces . To give you the idea of the map imagine a family-size pizza and each slice is as big as one page lol!! So, the map pieces where my guide i stuck them on light weight chipboard and then flipped them and stuck them on the pp i did one piece/page at a time as i wanted them to be in sync and not jumbled up cos when they open up they had to make sense on both sides lol!!

So, here is my hard work!! the final pages:-

Since this post became too long the second draft will follow as to how i got the whole thing together and made it to look like an album !!




  1. Lovely start, Ash. Waiting to see the rest of it :-)

    PS: I still have my Singapore/Sentosa maps and have been thinking of scrapping them for more than a year. Guess I'll never do it for myself but I will surely enjoy yours :-)


  2. gorgeous stuff ashmita... cant wait to see the rest of it...


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