Saturday, September 11, 2010

Longing to do some craft

My parents are over to visit... so i am absolutely thrilled but also totally stuffed under a load of housework, shopping visiting, playing host, cook, cleaner, and not to mention tourist guide phoof.. so i am dying to do some crafting but am too tired at the end of the day to even get out my things...

Guess what my Sizzix Big Shot came in the mail today whoo hooo!!! yipee yay yay... so this lil' post in order to share mt elation and joy.... here is a pic of my beauty...
Am super super excited and the credit card bill did cause a minor heart attack to its owner(ahem!!)... but oh joy!!!
P.S:- dying to try my hand out on it but am super busy till the end of this month.. :((


  1. Lucky gal , awaiting to see your creations from BIG shot

  2. Wooohoo!.. congratulations!.. its beautriful!.. :D
    ordered online??

  3. wowowow... awesome :)))
    Sizzix's folderd and die-s are much more affordable than provocraft - IMHO! :)

  4. hey congrats :) can't wait to c wht u come up with using this, have fun!


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