Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrapbook Mini for sis: Draft - I

My sis went on Trip to Singapore and Malaysia a couple of months ago and she brought back a whole lot of paraphernalia and junk; namely.. ticket stubs, coupons, maps, brochures and about hundreds of pics!! And she asked me to make an album for her . Well i graciously said yes.. but that was before i saw her collection of ahem!! junk!! lol!! But as always i am up for a challenge! i love to push myself.
So, among her junk i found this wonderful map of Singapore which is round and folds up like a "pie", this map gave me an instant light bulb moment. So i decided to cut up each "pie-piece" and turn them into an individual page and it will also retain its original round structure when laid out open.
Here is how i did it--
This was the basic map.. A lot of you have asked me how i do my inking so i am going to talk you guys through this one.. As you can see half of it has been inked yellow and the rest is the original colour the yellow is very light as its the first coat. Since, the map was very big i did it i half's. i thought it was best to ink the whole thing before i cut the pages up.

Here, you see one half is done , after two coats of yellow i go in wid the brown ink and you guys can see the difference !! It starts to look totally grungy already.... Here is my pp its one of the most gorgeous pp i have ever seen its got postcards and letters and postage stamps all across it !! here it is before i inked it:-

Here is the pp after i was done with it not, its a bit messy but doesn't take a lotta time and the result is superb !! although i do say so myself.. hahaha

So, after i was done with the map and the pp and after i had thoroughly dried them both with my blow drier!! I cut up the piece of the map into the "pie pieces" a total of eight pieces . To give you the idea of the map imagine a family-size pizza and each slice is as big as one page lol!! So, the map pieces where my guide i stuck them on light weight chipboard and then flipped them and stuck them on the pp i did one piece/page at a time as i wanted them to be in sync and not jumbled up cos when they open up they had to make sense on both sides lol!!

So, here is my hard work!! the final pages:-

Since this post became too long the second draft will follow as to how i got the whole thing together and made it to look like an album !!



Crafty JC Challenge 3: Be Inspired "Draft #2"

This is my second card for the CraftyJcChallenge 3:Be Inspired.. Its d second cos i had been outta town so i cudnt fit into the Digi stamp as i had gone ahead wid my Alice in wonderland card.... This is a special card i made it with Karen from karen's doodles has been very generous and gifted me the wid the wonderful digi stamp.. it was perfect for the occasion Its called "first kiss " Ohlala.. such a cute stamp luv it..
Herenit is....
About the card.. well i tried something wild wid my sizzix.. I don't know how many of u are familiar wid parchment craft, but recently i had bought a kit. So, i had a wild idea !! Usually u emboss it wid d embossing tools and so i thought of giving it a go wid my cuttle bug embossing folder through the sizzix. And the results were awesome and so beautiful, that's what u see backed up in the heart.
I cut out the heart first then the parchment to fit. Layered the peach card stock after i had inked the edges. I added the lace and the pearls. Stamped "i love you" and added the lil' heart i cut wid the sizzix. I used dimensional to adhere the image. The big heart on the left is also die cut and i backed the leftover parchment paper. I punched the butterflies out of the base card stock and the parchment and layered them, and simply adhered them n flicked the wings upward to add dimension.
Hope u guys like my card.. I loved making it as i made it for my love..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crafty JC Challenge 3: Be Inspired

I am so excited as well as thrilled as i am the guest DT for the first ever Indian Card Challenge CraftyJC Challenge. Thank you Jaya!! This is my first time ever as a DT. and i was a lil' nervous.
The sponsor for this challenge is Karen's Doodles who is an amazing artist and has some really amazing stamps. Check out her blog . The winner of this month's challange wil get 3 digital stamps of their choice. Simply wow!! The theme of this months Challenge is "Be Inspired" and Boy was i inspired!! Hee hee... So, here is my inspiration straight outta a fairytale book!! Although Strictly speaking it is a movie poster of the movie on an all time classic and my personal favourite book "Alice in Wonderland".To be honest this is such a wonderful challenge with so much potential and "Alice" theme being sucha hot favourite wid crafters these days. But i felt at many times i had bitten more than i can chew because the card became really very intricate and complicated. That's so me i have a tendency to get carried away wid my projects and get too ambitious. My actual dilemma was i had guests over and no time atall to craft. So i still feel i could have done more wid the card but still here it is......It is a Step card. The base card stock is black. All the images you see are digital and i colored them using my Watercolour pencils. Then, i felt they were too bright for the pattern paper i had chosen. So , as usual i opted for Vintage (i so loveee vintage). Here, i used tea bag staining technique to age the images so. I hand cut the grass and the tree you see in the back. The entire card looks like a vintage pop-up story book. And that was the look i was aiming for but i still feel i could have done some more!!
Here, is the card in detail so you can understand its construction a bit better!!

This is a sketch of the basic card structure. You can always change the measurements as per your desire. This is the beauty of this card the possibilities are limitless.

Materials Required:

  1. Card stock Black and white 12"x12"
  2. Digital image/s
  3. Watercolour pencils
  4. Aqua brush
  5. Glue, glue dots, foam adhesive(dimensionals)
  6. Patterned paper
  7. A tea bag and some warm water
  8. Stationary like scissors, pencil, scale, paper trimmer, scoring board,
  9. Blow dryer

How To

  • Print out what ever images you want on the white card stock and paint them using our colour pencils, use the aqua brush to blend the colours. Cut them out.
  • Soak a tea bag in some warm water and gently dab on the images, blow dry between coats. Give as many coats as u need to obtain the desired stain.
  • Using the above sketch as reference create your basic card structure from the black card stock.
  • Cut the pattern paper and layer the front of the card.
  • Cut out a skeleton tree using the black card stock as well
  • Add the images using dimensionals
  • Add any embellishments if desired
  • I didn't add any embellishments, but i just cut some coordinating pp to look like grass and scrunched the edges wid my nails to give them dimension and added a tag and the door frame.

Just a little note:

  • If you are inspired by my inspiration, you are free to use any card construct and image related to Alice in wonderland even a quote will do.
  • You can also base your card on Alice. the Mad hatter, The Cheshire cat, The Red Queen, The Blue worm, The white rabbit or any other character from the book
  • When you enter your card pls add your inspirational image also .
  • Your creation should be unique and new.
  • Link it to the blog CraftyJc Challenge 3:Be inspired

  • ciao


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Longing to do some craft

My parents are over to visit... so i am absolutely thrilled but also totally stuffed under a load of housework, shopping visiting, playing host, cook, cleaner, and not to mention tourist guide phoof.. so i am dying to do some crafting but am too tired at the end of the day to even get out my things...

Guess what my Sizzix Big Shot came in the mail today whoo hooo!!! yipee yay yay... so this lil' post in order to share mt elation and joy.... here is a pic of my beauty...
Am super super excited and the credit card bill did cause a minor heart attack to its owner(ahem!!)... but oh joy!!!
P.S:- dying to try my hand out on it but am super busy till the end of this month.. :((

Monday, September 6, 2010

Love You Card

This card is an attempt to finish off my growing stack of leftovers from various projects. So its a small card with an eclectic mix-n-mash of things. The image is a digital stamp i colored using my water colour pencils I cut out the image and embossed to give it a 3D effect .It may not seem so in the pic but it looks fab and very popped out !! lol!!
I mounted a "LOVE YOU" silver tag sticker on pink card stock cut it to the shape and mounted it again on black card stock . Used ribbon on the patterned paper and dandled the tag on it. Added a lil' charm. I added some bling for interest.

Hope you guys like the card!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Fairy Card

I finally got my card done.This is such a gorgeous card even though i do say so myself!! Every card i make i show them to my hubby when i am done n his eyes popped !!loll!! he said it was awesome(so so happy cos he knows zilch bout crafts).

Well about the card this card conveniently fit into the requirements for a lot of challenges so it was perfect. the image i stamped and colored using my water color pencils and then i did some highlighting wid my white gel pen.

I tried a new technique for this card, I 'd bought a parchment embossing craft kit last month and i tried my hand at it. So, that's wat u see , the wings are parchment i traced them on the parchment and embossed it. Also, the "Happy Birthday" was embossed and punched wid my scalloped puncher and i went over the punched edges wid my gel pen.
The basic card base is baby pink card stock . I cut out the stars and the moon on the dark blue card stock and layered a silver paper in between . I used dimensional tape to add a dept to the cut out outs.
Added the fairy and embellished it id pearls and some antennas and a lil' bling for her hair. Added some lace and ribbon at the bottom and finished off wid some more pearls.
I am entering this card for the following challenges:-
Simon Says Challenge:- Pearls and Lace
Flutter By Wednesday:- Sketch Challenge
Alotta Rubber Stamps:- Fairytale Challenge
City Crafters Challenge:- Let your Light shine

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I am so so happy i won the CraftyJC Bonus Challenge!! Oh my!! its the first ever time i won a card challenge and i only started making cards a month back....So, now i am totally diggin cards.. lol!

I am also one of the DTs for the Crafty JC Challenge 3. Am soo looking forward to the fun, super super excited.. Its makes it a lot of fun to meet fellow crafters and be a part of something. Especially i am really happy to meet so many Indian crafters and see there awesome work.

We have so much talents and potential here in India .

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