Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vintage Scroll Card

This was pending for so long i finally finished it, this scroll card is actually a part of my wedding mini which i promise i will upload soon, as its still a work in progress.
I took a simple plain white handmade paper and cut it into a rectangular shape and adhered the two craft sticks(they are wooden) on each ends. I then painted a border using gold acrylic paint . Then i diluted some coffee in a little water and using a thick paint brush slathered on liberally over the paper and the thick . I alternated a coat then used a blow drier to dry and then repeated till i was happy wid the look , To get the stained effect i blotched coffee randomly on the surface and blew dry and then went all over to get it a stained effect. Also, coat the back 2 layers is enough for the rear.

I burnt the edges to make it even more grungy. If u want i wil do the video for it. I then used a mask and spray painted the image on the top using gold acrylic spray paint. At the bottom i added some sealing wax and used an old coin to get an imprint. I added the tassels to the top stick and a nice cord for tying the scroll together.

P.S.- i used a lotta layers of coffee so the paper when rolled sorta cracked at places adding to the effect.


  1. Just gorgeous! Love how you have used the tassels! Hugs Juls

  2. Beautiful!.. where did u get the acrylic spray from?


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