Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Achooo!!! Down wid flu!!

Am down with flu !! so no cooking and no house chores!!! I spent the entire day shopping,, on Etsy and Ebay offcourse! I am slowly trying to build a collction of tools and materials as nothing is available in Indias so i hav to order evrything online. It took a whole day cos i was looking for sales and comparing prices you kno i have 2 really watch the rates as $1 = Rs.50 !! wow tats high.
I bought a lotta goodies a couple stamps and punches mostly, am building the basic stash first the i will graduate to more advanced stuff like embossing!! The heat embossing kinds.. it really fascinates me as i have seen a lot of videos on youtube. Am still learning but still i think i should wait before i start invsting in it.. lol take care.. achooo!!achoo!!


  1. hope you're feeling what did you shop for? got anything interesting or on sale? I'm always on the lookout for great deals!


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